As a creative studio we believe no client is too big nor too small to work with us. We love what we do. And that shows.
We like to create things with fun, like-minded people.


We believe in improving quality not only in our client products’ but also in our company’s work environment.

We strongly believe in building a healthy work environment to offer the best work-life experience for our employees.

We not only work hard but we also enjoy hard.

We provide flexible leave policy ensuring a healthy work life balance and stress free, healthy working environment for our valuable workforce.

We believe in ultimate customer satisfaction and hence we concentrate on qualitative work.

We work in an disciplinary environment where time is the major priority. We work as a team and efficient leaders lead this team.

company's culture


Our people are endorsed with a brand of Deetyasoft and they carry this esteemed name with there qulity of work.

Our employees are equipped with leadership skills,management skills, technical skills and endorsing skills.

Employees at deetyasoft are otimistic and all the leaders have a vision to make deetyasoft a global brand.

Every employee at deetyasoft is treated and labelled with equal respect.

people career


At DeetyaSoft, we believe in growth of each employee along with the growth of our organization.

From time to time we encourage our employees to participate in technical sessions, quiz, technical presentations and help them to improve their knowledge.

We encourage our employees to try working on new domains and also help them in learning various technologies.

Professional trainers are responsible for training the newbies with the required technologies.

The senior developers and project managers are even very dynamic in helping the junior executives.

Some of the latest technologies like cloud computing deployment, web developement and open source developement are some of the new objectives at deetyasoft.

career growth

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