Mobile Apps Development

According to Gartner research:

Gartner Says Worldwide Traditional PC, Tablet, Ultramobile and Mobile Phone Shipments On Pace to Grow 7.6 Percent in 2014 Android to Surpass One Billion Users Across all Devices in 2014 By 2017, over 75 percent of Android's volumes will come from emerging markets. Anytime you do mobile, it's about reducing complexity, it's about reducing friction. It isn't just a channel — it's a link between the online and offline world. And the link point, the device the consumer has, is an incredibly important tool for them, smart mobile phone described as "the remote control for life," especially when talking about Millennial users. Remarkable and Inventive Full Enterprise Mobile Apps Solutions for Today and the Future In view of that competitiveness proceeds to increase within the mobile app sector, expert mobile application development (collectively with user-friendly mobile app design) results in being vital to generating experimental outcomes, which (certainly) gives rise to a significant return on your investment. DeetyaSoft Pvt Ltd can provide personalized mobile app solutions across multiple platforms, as well as Smartphone and tablets that communicate to multiple genres such as finance, healthcare, gaming, real-estate, education and much more.

Discussing impact of Mobile App

An app positions your organization right into the palm of your clients’ hand Communicate with your prospective and current customers 24X7 Stay in touch with your clients immediately by means of push notifications. Achieve market share, as well as new clients worldwide. Boost revenue growth. Maximize customer allegiance. Make it possible for your clients to connect to your services/products on their Smartphone or tablet.

Growth Potential

By 2017, it is predicted that there will be 4.4 billion app users worldwide with 200 billion downloads. You need a piece of that pie. Here at DeetyaSoft we implement user interface design, application architecture and testing. In concurrence with developing powerful applications, our mobile app engineers operate hand-in-hand with you and even steer you through the technique of conceptualizing, heightening and also maintaining/updating the mobile app to fit your needs. We will also work with you to build a mobile app strategy that takes current and future devices into consideration.

Time is of the Essence

There is no issue that you need a mobile app, the question should be how it is designed, and when it will introduced. You want an app that delivers what it says it will, otherwise your clients will move on to one that does. We make sure your app meets your specifications while keeping your target audience in mind. We also do all of this within your budget and schedule on top of aiming to exceed your expectations. If you would like to find out more, call us today to see how a cutting-edge mobile app can take your business to the next level.

IOS Apps Development

At DeetyaSoft Pvt. Ltd. experts, we have an experience at building business-enhancing I-phone apps. With a compelling record of developing and launching apps at IOS platforms, you are in safe hands with regards to the mobile app development. With an experienced team of conceptual developers, designers and developers we can assure you that.....

i-os development

Android Apps Development

At DeetyaSoft we develop sleekly functional, market capturing mobile apps for your enterprise and business. With over 80% market share of the Smart phone Market, Google Play Store is the one place your business cannot miss out...With the fast improving core Android OS and evolving development tools an android app can be a great carrier for your business.

Windows Apps Development

At DeetyaSoft, you can find some of the most smartest developers at the hot and up and rising windows phone platform. Our developers completely utilize the high processing capacity and graphical liveliness of the windows platform. With us you can also convert your existing android or IOS app to the windows platform.

Blackberry Development

At Deetyasoft, We create blackberry apps that are designed to meet the expectation of requirements of the Blackberry platform. Blackberry continues to be symbol of elite-business and special corporate use with its specially-attuned UI and functionalities. With our premium blackberry apps you can realize the primary strategy to reaching onto your business prospects at the easiest way.

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Cross Platform Apps

At DeetyaSoft experts, we deliver you custom native apps across different platform through the Appcelerator Titanium development or Phone-gap development. Now you can develop app that is compatible with diverse and competing devices and platforms at one go. The Appcelerator Titanium development can be the common term multidimensional versatility in app-terms.

I-Pad Apps Development

At DeetyaSoft, we create custom developed and intuitively designed advanced iPad Apps. With a keen understanding of iPad developed over the last four years, we know how to develop the best functional and UI experience for the users. Our I-pad apps are backed by precise screen resolutions, sound coding, comprehensive testing and a delicious user-interface. Each of our I pad development projects include....

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