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One of the first steps toward maximizing profits through internet marketing is to adopt the proper vantage point. Far too often, we hear marketers focusing exclusively or at least mostly on one format of internet marketing or advertising, such as SEO, citing that one technique as the end-all be-all of webmaster success – a mindset that is possibly a bit near-sighted.

What really allows big brands to blanket the web with a full-force, global presence is a comprehensive combination of search engine optimization, social media optimization, and carefully executed pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization(SME)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is possibly the most talked-about format of internet marketing today. Reaching #1 on Google for certain keywords seems to be the proverbial Holy Grail of webmasters. Why is that? One of the reasons SEO is so universally sought after is because it holds the potential to produce massive levels of website traffic. “The more web traffic you generate, the greater the number of potential sales leads” – so goes the standard mantra. Granted, there is some truth to that. However, traffic alone does not establish image — which is one of the chief components of online branding and one of the fundamental pathways toward achieving long term profit margins.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

To help create and maintain a company image, you must go behind basic steps like posting a mission statement or “About Us” page. You must create a lively, interactive and ongoing presence outside of your dot com. This will reinforce your website and drive sales leads. More importantly, a company image established properly through social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter can greatly increase the amount each individual customer spends. This is equally if not more priceless than an increase in traffic alone. When attempting to harness social media via SMO, it is crucial to enlist the help of a qualified and experienced digital marketing agency. That is, to make sure your efforts don’t fall flat but instead have a growing and glowing effect on the public perception of your products and services, and ultimately the image of your company itself.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising has become the most popular advertising vehicle for a reason: it works. Paying only for internet users who willingly click your ad has two outstanding benefits. One is that it ensures the site visits stemming from the ads are from relevant members of your target demographic.Those who do not immediately click your ad experience something called an “impression.” This means they are exposed to your company image, brand and message. The second benefit of PPC that makes it so powerful and valuable is that impressions that take place without clicks are free of charge! That cannot be said for the PPM advertising format which forces you to pay for every single time your ad is viewed by anyone – regardless of whether they click it and regardless of whether they are even in your niche.

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Why to Use All 3 Marketing Formats at Once

The combination of all three of these marketing formats (SEO, SMO and PPC) packs a punch of greater potency than any of these three if executed on their own. It may seem overwhelming to attempt to make the most of even one form of marketing, which is the reason many webmasters only tackle one at a time – and sometimes give up before they reach success.

This is where the assistance of a qualified marketing agent working on your behalf becomes indispensable. Since the best internet marketers are specialized in all 3 platforms, and marketing is all they do day-in and day-out, with their help you will see results that you literally could not attain on your own.