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Our Skills

  • Employee Tracking System

  • Lead Identification

  • Lead Grading

  • Lead Distribution

Why Choose Us?

Interactive Voice Response systems provides you many features. Some of the features are following

Sound: Play a sound during call

Record: To record user voice during the call

TTS: To do text to speech and play the output sound

Excel: To read/write IVR data into an uploaded excel sheet

DTMF: To take input from phone keypad

Call Transfer: To transfer the call to another number

Web : To do a web api call. Used for web lookup or posting data on a remote server

Conference : To start a conference with another number

we provides an extremely smart and flexible solution to access information and perform important tasks using the phone keypad. IVR system can help to direct customers to the right support channel they need.(e.g.: Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Promos, Press 5 to talk to an Executive, etc.) It is a ideal package to build an interactive voice-menu suiting your needs in the language of your choice. IVRs can acknowledge input from callers, typically in the form of pressed phone keys, and can accept voice input and in some cases translate that into actions. Using this application you can create IVR with Text to Speech (TTS), DTMF (Dual tone multi frequency) inputs.

Increase first contact resolution.

Increase customer service efficiency.

Increase agent and company efficiency

Reduce operational costs

Increase professionalism

Increase customer satisfaction

Our Process steps in our works

Virtual Phone Number

IVR Guru offers tools such as Virtual Number for suitable management of incoming phone calls. Use of diverse enabling techniques and ingrained tools such as control panel, play back and extension helps to direct calls and messages to desired phone or mobile number.

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IVR Guru one of a leading Virtual Number Provider in Noida Delhi NCR holds up to the mark management of services and customer fulfilment. Virtual Numbers every so often used for virtual offices in remote locations. Virtual Number is a customized call forwarding service with some superfluous features. IVR Guru being one of a chief Virtual Number Provider in India seems to grow more and more business for growth and effectual client services. The forecast for introducing more advanced tools is in pursuing juncture and will be in operational state as soon as doable.

B2B Lead Generation

IVR Guru a foremost product in the marketplace which is operational fully on the Lead Management Processes like Creation, Follow up, Tracking, Filter and many more vital activities. b2b lead generation services B2B (Business-to-Business) Lead creation is apt and very decisive in today's enslavement of on-line businesses. The preceding methods of B2B Lead generation have transformed drastically and today's B2B System is entirely laying prominence on Digital Marketing. Lead Generation is very much crucial for business escalation and to endow with advanced quality is the prime focus.

There are diverse methods and tools of B2B Lead Generation which includes Outbound Marketing for e.g. Telemarketing, Event Marketing for e.g. Trade-shows and Seminars and On-line Marketing for e.g. Blogs, Google Adwords and Websites. B2B Lead Generation is turning relatively easier to find the patrons and there is a need to analyse the assorted forces behind it. To make an analysis and assessment of soaring social media networks is also an efficient and imperative activity in today's Business Processes.

Employee Tracking System

IVR Guru has done a incredible job in evaluating and monitoring the performance of employees with the aid of highly developed tools and systems. In gratifying this multifaceted commotion excluding manual work, a system referred to as Employee Tracking System has been introduced. The central focus of this Tracking System is to track every feasible actions associated to the functionalities that an institute performs like tracking employee performance, calls answer, time devoted, information of missed calls as well as management of team routine.

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In today's budding state of affairs, Employee Tracking Software is impending out to be the obligatory for all organizations depending on effective strategies. Tracking System leads to the growth in performance and most vital facet is that Start as well as End time is recorded on a real time basis which minimized the probability of any slip-up allied to the turnout of an employee.

Customer Lead Management

IVR Guru is an influential tool as far as Customer Lead Management is concerned. IVR Guru provides lead source vital for future evaluation and review. To produce leads is a precondition for any business endorsement or development. A Lead refers to several business or service in which a prospective client has primarily shown his/her interest to those exacting sales. Customer Lead Management takes into thoughtfulness of the general system of classification, commitment and criterion to cash the opportunities of sales and grant customer fulfillment.

This entire procedure is governed by IVR Guru. To focus the part in which the efforts are to be set up, it is essential to rate the worth of leads. Certain benefits in terms of Customer Lead Management are enhancement in Marketing Tactics & Strategies, Faster & resourceful marketplace deliverance, uninterrupted process. Customer Lead Management also laid emphasis on Sales as well as Customer Relationship Management or CRM Lead Management.

Cloud Telephony

IVR Guru conceiving a great service as cloud telephony in India. It is a technology that manages business service, sales, support, public or social rapport and online industry exercise exhausted control over their client communications. cloud telephony services IVR Guru is a web portal where you can manage spontaneous responses of your phone, Route your calls, save the call specifics and much more. Cloud telephony services helps to transform your website visitors into business leads. IVR Guru is the cloud based influential solution that authorize cloud based phone service provider in India, virtual number provider in Delhi and NCR, our services include IVR, conventional flow calls, call recording, voice mail and much more.

IVR Guru Supports to know how our patrons are leading-edge slog our services to encounter their business objectives. IVR Guru comprises a foremost service Cloud Telephony in India which is determining and conquering the abilities obligatory to bridge the crack concerning their consumers and organization by cloud telephony systems.