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Windows Phone Apps Development

  • Inexpensive windows phone apps development
  • 250+ apps delivered in Appstore
  • Most experienced and expert designers
  • Multi version functionality optimization

  • At DeetyaSoft, you can find some of the most smartest developers at the hot and up and rising windows phone platform. Our developers completely utilize the high processing capacity and graphical liveliness of the windows platform. With us you can also convert your existing Window or IOS app to the windows platform.

    At recent times, the Windows Phone (WP) has seen a silent but steady rise of its breed. Although lagging behind Window and IOS at number games, with its legion of fans among for its easy and bright graphical interface, there is no writing-off the WP. As the available windows users have a comparative higher-app usage, it has a better reach among the developers. Another feature comes at the recent acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, in-process making its future priorities clear.